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Green Barley Microfine Powder

Product Code: 300330
Bonus Volume (BV): 112.00
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VIVA Green Barley® is rich in young barley juice concentrate with soluble fiber, brown rice and kelp that provide a broad spectrum of nutrients needed by the human body. All ingredients used in VIVA Green Barley® are derived from natural sources to complement your daily diets. 


1. VIVA Green Barley® is processed into powder under low temperature (-70oC) using flush dry method to retain its nutrients and prevent bacteria growth. 
2. It is a natural green food rich in chlorophyll.
3. Grown in fertile dark soil without commercial pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
4. Young green barley is harvested at 30-45 days when nutrients are at optimal level.
5. No preservatives, artificial colors, flavor, fillers or starch added. 
6. It dissolves quickly, absorbs easily and has a clean, fresh taste.
7. Available in easy-to-swallow tablets or a convenient powder form.
8. Beneficial for general health maintenance.

Take 1 scoop daily as a food supplement.


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