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Product Code: 300650
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C-Chewable is formulated with acerola cherries and rosehips. It has a special buffering system to control acidity, so that it is more gentle on the stomach, teeth and gum.


1. Acerola cherries and rosehips are some of the best sources of vitamin C found in nature.
2. Gives you the vitamin C you need for one whole day.
3. Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients for normal development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums. 
4. C-Chewable is available in delicious cherry-flavored chewable tablets.
5. Alcohol, caffeine, stress, smoking and second-hand smoking can deplete the body of vitamin C.
6. Is a convenient way to help replenish vitamin C when your diet is lack of vegetables or fruits.

Directions: Take 1 chewable tablet three times daily.


KKLIU: 0387/2020

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