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VIVA Life A-Z is formulated based on scientific knowledge, research and technology to provide 23 different types of vitamins and minerals from vitamin A, C, D, E, B complex to mineral like calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc. Furthermore, VIVA Life A-Z also contains VIVA concentrate, a base of nine different type of fruits and vegetables (carrot, alfalfa, parsley, spinach, cabbage, cantaloupe, grape, cherry and orange) that suitable for daily consumption. VIVA Life A-Z is made without the use of artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

Most people rely on caffeinated beverages to make them stay awake in the morning. In fact, taking multivitamin and mineral in the morning will boost up our spirit and energy. In this era of working hours, taking VIVA Life A-Z will help to maintain good health, energy and well-being. Your family and your health begin with a few tablets of VIVA Life A-Z daily.


1. Provides 23 types of essential vitamins and minerals
2. Scientific formulated in a base of nine types of fruits and vegetables concentrate (carrot, alfalfa, parsley, spinach, cabbage, cantaloupe, grape, cherry and orange)

Benefits: For good health.

Direction: Take 2 tablets daily as a dietary supplement.


KKLIU: 0385/2020

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