Third Party Reviews

Recognized in the World of Science

VIVA currently has numerous research papers being recognized and published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. Many reputable scientists and professionals are involved in reviewing the science and studies submitted to every journal. Only those studies that meet the high criteria for scientific reliability and value are acknowledged and accepted for publication. Numerous other health supplements manufacturers failed to reach the distinguished requirements of the medical field.

FloraGuard® study 2015

DMGuard study 2008

SelGuard® study 2008

DMGuard study 2006

FloraGuard® study 2005

VIVA Green Barley®
study 2005

DMGuard study 2004

VIVA Green Barley®
study 2002

DailyGuard® study 2001

LipoGuard® study 2001

VIVA Green Barley®
study 2001

DMGuard study 2001

DMGuard study 2000

SelGuard® study 2000

SelGuard® study 1999

DailyGuard® study 1999

LivGuard® study 1998

LipoGuard® study 1997

VIVA Shield study 1996

DailyGuard® study 1999

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