Just as joints in the human body play a vital role for the conjunctive functions of tendons, muscles and bones, so Passion and Concern are important for bridging a connection in the VIVA business! Apply these 2 key words when communicating with your network and like a legacy it will pass down from generation to generation and thus form a harmonious organization.


To solidify the organization, the next vital role is to build, which begins with one’s self. Broaden your own knowledge in all aspects, especially in the business and its products, and gather experiences. With these tools in hand, your confidence level rises and the sky is the limit!


With “Connect” and “Build” in line, take a step forward and begin to share. As you walk along this path you will gather and be enriched with valuable testimonials and experiences. Explode those messages out to others and let the fragments reach wide and far! Testimonies that have helped and changed people’s lives provide the utmost in gratification that goes beyond monetary returns!


“Growth” is the end product of “Connect, Build and Share”. It comes in the form of health, relationships, stable organization and, of course, monetary. Remember our chairman’s quote, “Wealth is like a shadow, the more you chase it, the further it goes away.” Instead of focusing vital energy on the end target itself, we should look to the brighter aspects of working toward goals to be reached, and the shadow of wealth will follow right behind.

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