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VIVA Wellness Business Plan

The VIVA Wellness Business Plan is a revolutionary compensation plan designed to help you earn more money by sharing the benefits of VIVA products and business opportunities with your friends, family and associates.

The plan is a time proven Stair-Step Breakaway Plan that is rewarding for Distributors. With this plan you will (discover) that you can achieve success at every rank and never lose your current position.

The Uniqueness and Advantages:
Very Easy

- Entry: Initial purchase amounting to100PV, immediately enjoy 30% reward and acquire VIVA business distributorship in 8 different countries.
- Promotion: 15000GV, become a Director and eligible to enjoy 20% bonus.
- Maintenance: 300PV/ 3000GV, eligible to receive leadership bonus.
- Qualification: Once 6 legs have been secured (achieve the status of High Pin), your income will be infinite.

Able to fulfill desires and give satisfaction to different business groups, make it a win-win situation.

- Consumer: Enjoy at least 30% reward, the more you consume the more benefits you reap and it is easy to maintain loyalty.
- Seller: Direct Bonus : Retail profit 30%, Indirect Bonus: Variation Bonus 5%- 20 %
- Builder: Leadership Bonus 35 %, qualify for 6 layers, maximum up to 55%.

Very Lucrative

- Exponential Growth, make lucrative monetary returns.
- Internationally combined bonus calculation.
- High, real income paid-out bonus.
- According to the business plan, a  middle rank builder can earn around RM15000 per month.

Low requirements to qualify for Bonus

- Maintenance: Only 6 legs are required.
- Minimum requirement: 300PV, 3000GV.

For more details on this VIVA Wellness Business Plan, kindly contact us at 03-7859 8248.

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